Renaudin Mary - Frei Drang

Street Performance

Street performance

Art in the street is known. My own art in the street, it was painting -gouache- mixing to a political message: it was during the time of o“occupy” and we wanted to mobilize. That we wanted the people to wake up. That they protest against this “natural” order of things, which isn't one. That they finally stand up against the inequalities. Finally. I began to ask each person of our group to write on the ground -with paint- a word, which should represent the most important thing, feeling or whatever for him or her in a society. There were for example the words solidarity and freedom (my own word). I asked the people also to print their hand onto the street -as an inclusion of the body (and not just the inclusion of the “mental body”). I was finally totally absorbed in the performance and in what it meant and was more and more indignant about the indifference of passers-by. The words which I had continued to write on the pavement became bigger and bigger, my way to paint was more energetic -really involved, really indignant. I was taking up much more room, more and more, to try to disturb the passers-by and to make them pay attention. I was even at the hand barefoot -and colourful was a good word to describe myself, with painting on the hands and feet. Moreover I had put down on the ground five of the photography’s of another work “Because we are human” (see Installations). Why? Because this work was a reminder of humanity, a call to take care of this world, but a so discreet call in the middle of the street that it could be seen without paying attention. To sum up, this performance was a call to take care of what this world becomes rather than what it produces. Socialism versus materialism, more specifically capitalism. A fact to remember is that my clothes and my isolation in the art have shocked the passers-by in their shopping. A beginning.