Renaudin Mary - Frei Drang

A walk inside... Part 1


CONCEPT : I'm not an artist. I'm not me. I'm our own reflection, mine, this of the Shadows of this World. I just finally let those "things" out of myself. The anger, the fury. The injustice. The despair. The colors of life -Sad and true, pure and real. The suffering. The years of loneliness. These works are the heart of the Child which is in us, asleep in us. In all of us. These Works are screams, too. Screams to tell the World, how humans abandon it. How humans betray it. How humans are destroying themselves -and how it hurts.

n°1- Madness and insanity no control

The madness and insanity of a hurt heart, the anger, the fury of an inescapable past, which will never completely heal. A fatal rage for all the fateful coincidences which aren't, for all the broken childhood, for all the lost innocence. The revenge, the years of hidden violence and continuous, never heard screams, in a painting.

dimensions 60x80cm

Techniques : Oil paint

n°2- A try of self-portrait

It is impossible to really see a person, it is also impossible to fix the identity of a person on the paper. Because there are too many masks, because humans are like that. But what we can try, is to delineate ourselves. Who can try to understand me better than I would do ? But a self-portrait, it particularly means to accept being, as an individual, as one of a whole World. It means to accept being, with the own questions, the own answers, the own indignation, the own « I'm not the same ».

dimensions 60x80cm
Techniques : ink, acryl paint, pencil

n°3- Sadness

Say with your body, this truth which words can't explain anymore.

Reference artistic to Yves Klein

dimensions 4x60x80cm so 120x150cm

Techniques : oil paint, with body ( hands and feet )


n°4- Glass Heart



dimensions 60x80cm

Techniques : charcoal, acryl paint, ink, red felt-tip

n°5- Don't wanna be... hear



No one understands: I don't wanna hear the screams of this World! But I can't, I'm not deaf.

dimensions 60x80cm

Techniques : oil paint, oil pastels, with cutter and chisel

n°6- Screams of the World



These screams that make me ill...

dimensions 3x60x80cm so 180x80cm

Techniques : oil and acryl paint, charcoal, with cutter, ink


n°7- Colorful head

'cause our heads are completely overbooked and our hearts try to hide their feelings. Just wanna lose it all. Our society is cracking up, we need to let the colors of our head go out -sad or glad, mad or bad, happy, overecixted!

Dimensions 2x60x80cm so 120x60cm
Techniques : Oil pastels, acrylic and oil paint

n°8- Colors and Alive


Alive, because of the color of this life.

Alive and hurt, but here : as most of us.

Don't forget the colors of the life, don't forget the Chance you have to live !

dimensions 4x15x15cm

Techniques : oil paint

n°9- Therapeutic Art

Time to heal. Do it yourself.

dimensions 2x60x80cm

Techniques : oil paint, charcoal, with cutter and chisel, cigarette and ash, red felt-tip, red ballpoint pen


n°10- Tendresse évanouie (Fainted Tenderness)

Bitterness of the forgotten children

dimensions 60x80cm

Techniques : oil paint, ink, felt-tip, charcoal, product for hair coloring


n°11- Give it back  !

Final painting.

Cause there is nothing's louder than love.

Dimensions 120x150 cm

Techniques : oil paint