Renaudin Mary - Frei Drang

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Version francaise - French version:

Because Arts are the eternity.
They are the immortality, in a tear of colours.
In the energy of our Hearts of Glass.
In the Madness, the fury that never went out,
In the Sadness, that can't be explain.
In the Words, which mean all the life but nothing else and nothing more.

Arts are my broken Hearts.
And yours.

Arts are the World,
the Hope and the attempt that never dies.
'Cause we need to change this World.

"Because we are not the statues of our lives.
Our lifes belong to us, we have to make something of them.
We don't know why, we don't know how,
We just know that it's here and now.
Make a life.
Stay alive.
Try to fly"

                                                       Frei Drang